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More feminist Scroogies!

The Feminist View Of Domestic Violence vs Scientific Studies

Definitions Of Spousal Violence
1. Threw something
2. Pushed/Grabbed/Shoved
3. Slapped or spanked

1. Kicked/bit/hit with fist
2. Hit, tried to hit with something
3. Beat up
4. Threatened with gun or knife
5. Used gun or knife

Spousal Assaults Expressed As Rate Per 1000 Couples
Minor Assaults:
Year Assault by Assault by
husband wife
1975 98 98
1985 82 75
1992 92 94

Severe Assaults:
1975 38 47
1985 30 43
1992 19 44

Wives Report They Have
been severely assaulted by husband 22 per 1000
severely assaulted husband 59 per 1000

Husbands Report They Have
been severely assaulted by wives 32 per 1000
severely assaulted wives 18 per 1000

Husbands & Wives Both Report
wife has been assaulted 20 per 1000
husband has been assaulted 44 per 1000

Other studies reveal more about female violence against children:
* Women hit their male children more frequently and more severely than they hit their female children.
* Women commit 55% of child murders and 64% of their victims are male children.
* Eighty two percent of the general population had their first experience of violence at the hands of women, usually their mother.

Our culture learns to be violent from our mothers, not our fathers. Yet, 3.1 million reports of child abuse are filed against men each year, most of which are false accusations used as leverage in a
divorce or custody case.

* Some women call police because they are frightened by a minor incident. Perhaps she thought calling the police was a "trump card" in an argument. These women do not realize that with one phone call they have invited the government and gender politics into their homes.
* Some women make false reports because there are legal, financial, and child custody rewards for making a false report. Some divorce attorneys and gender activists specialize in encouraging false accusations, and actively coaching women how to falsely accuse.
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